Crete with the magnificent beaches, lovely people, beautiful towns and villages, is also known about its wine, its olive and its herbs. In this trip you have the opportunity to see, learn and taste them.

The island has a history on the wines and the wine production. From the antiquity, the Minoans started to grow grapes and produce variety of wines, with luxurious taste.
Nowadays, the Cretans continue this traditions, creating wines that are famous worldwide.
You will have the opportunity to visit the winery “NOSTOS”. It is one of the greatest wine production units at Chania. People there, will guide you around the vineyard, present and explain you the wine processes after that tasting 5 different wines, paired with local Cretan rusks, olive and sea salt.

Except of the wine, the island has a long history in the olive oil, too. There are many olive trees and oil production units, that dating 3.000 years before. During our trip, you have the opportunity to visit one of them. The “OLIVE AND OIL MUSEUM” used to be an actual olive oil unit at the 18th century. You can see the way and the actual tools they used to make the product. Also, you can have a taste of the architecture of that time period and other objects of everyday use of Cretan family.

After this visit, we will go at the “BOTANICAL PARK & GARDENS OF CRETE”. This place is one of the most famous attractions in Chania. It is a huge colorful area, ideal for nature tourism. You can wonder around the park, see and learn about Cretan herbs, fruitful trees, tropical plants, wild animals, the valley of the butterflies and farm animals.
Also, there is a store with traditional products, where you can do your shopping.
End your walk wondering around the magnificent lake inside the area of the park or grab a bite at the restaurant, which is placed inside the lot.

A day full of taste, smells, colors, experiences, and history is coming to the end.

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