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samaria gorge

DAILY 07:30

One of the two Longest Gorges in Europe

At the altitude of 1230 m.
Located 4,000 feet above sea level. Enjoy a trek in the gorge on an excursion that begins with a pick-up in Paleochora and a drive to Omalos, in the White Mountains.

irini gorge

DAILY 07:30

Mediterranean Forest

At the altitude of around 560 m.
The gorge starts at the village of Agia Irini and is 7 km long. The extended walk of 12 km ends at Sougia

Balos gramvousa

MONDAY 08:00

Enjoy a fantastic trip to one of Cretes’ most stunningly beautiful beaches. The blue lagoon of Balos is truly amazing – warm waters, crystal clear aquamarine sea and soft pale sand..


If you have the great fortune to visit Paleochora, you won’t want to miss the chance to go dolphin spotting.There is nothing more spectacular than seeing these incredible animals in their natural habitat

Anydri Gorge

Anidri village is at 5 kilometers north-east from Paleochora. It is built on the edge of a precipice at a height of 180m. from which dominates the Libyan Sea. Its main attraction is the Church of St. George, with a well maintained 1323 murals by John Pagomenos. From the village paths lead to three smaller bays within two kilometers, and the small gorge Anidri.

Monastery of the 99 Holy Fathers

The Monastery of the 99 Holy Fathers is located in a lush green area near the village Azogyres, Selino province. It was built in 1864 by Konstantinos Kriaris at the site where, according to tradition, the 99 Holy Fathers lived, led by Saint John the Hermit, one of the best known Saints of Crete, who is considered the founder of asceticism on the island.The church of the 98 monks was built inside the rock and celebrates on October 7. In the Monastery there is a small museum with religious relics, historical and folkloric items.


The Ancient City Lissos Starts on July

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